How to Create a Killer Man Cave

How to Create a Killer Man Cave

Nowhere to watch the big game? Need a space where you can relax and chill out after a long day at work? It might be time to think about creating your very own “man cave.”

So what is a man cave? Simply put, a man cave is a room in the home regarded as a refuge for the man, or men, of the household. It’s that special place in the house dedicated to the man where he can spend time alone, or with friends, enjoying his hobbies. It’s a place where guys can do as they please without upsetting the rest of the household. Most importantly, it’s a place where no one is going to ask him to explain himself.

Believe it or not, the man cave can be beneficial to the whole family, if everyone agrees on the purpose and the function of the room.

Ladies, imagine never having to argue about unwanted home décor items ever again. Is your man’s idea of home a décor a beer can sculpture and a lava lamp? Sounds like he needs a man cave to proudly display his style…out of sight.

To make a make cave, you’ll first have to answer the most important question: Where’s the ultimate spot for your man cave?

Your man cave can be in the garage, the room over the garage, tool shed, or any unused room in the house. You could also finish out an attic or basement, or build a shed in the backyard if your options are limited.

Wherever it is, make sure you can be as loud as you want without disturbing the rest of the household. You wouldn’t want your late night sports or poker game to be interrupted by an angry spouse or neighbor.

Here are a few low-cost soundproofing ideas:

  • Install a door sweep
  • Insulate with fiberglass
  • Fill cracks with caulk
  • Install carpet (Dark carpet if you’re messy and prone to spills)
  • Place bookcases, trophy cases or heavy furniture along the walls (hidden door, anyone?)
  • Add heavy curtains to the windows. This will help soundproof. It will also allow you to block out sunlight if desired

Once you determine the best spot for your man cave (and everyone in the household agrees to it), it’s time for the fun part.

man cave with warm colors and nice seats

The best part about your man cave is that you can do (mostly) anything you want with it. Whether you want to keep it classy or casual, here are a few must-haves to trick out your man cave:

  • A large screen TV. Bonus points if it’s mounted to the wall.
  • Comfortable seating. Have enough seating for you and a few buddies. If you’re looking for low maintenance, find a beat-up leather couch that won’t mind a few spills. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated “gentlemen’s cave” look, select quality, matching furniture. Consider purchasing a recliner for yourself so you’re always the king of your own castle.
  • A bar area. Class up your man cave by adding a bar counter top with bar stools. If you’re looking to just keep a few drinks and snacks cold, opt for a mini fridge.
  • Gaming supplies. This could include a pool table, ping pong table, poker table, putting green, chess, darts, gaming counsels and more. No man cave is complete without games for you and your buds.
  • Work out area. Add any workout equipment needed to perfect your manly figure. This could include dumbbells, a bench press, jump rope, boxing bag or anything else you can fit in the space.
  • Surround sound. Quality surround sound will take your gaming, movie, music or sports experience to the next level. Use Bluetooth speakers to minimize clutter.

Once you have all the essentials, it’s time to decorate your man cave.

Add signs, posters, traffic signs, or anything you feel like, really. Show off your collections with pride. Display your beer can sculpture for everyone to see. Hang up your favorite artwork. If you have a favorite sports team, let it be known by displaying their swag all over the room.

Just remember, if you personalize the space too much, it could be unattractive to buyers when it comes time to sell your pad. If you paint the walls blue and red in honor of your favorite sports team, consider painting it a neutral color before you move out.

Fathead wall decals (basically giant stickers for your walls) are a great alternative to painting. They’re movable, reusable, leave no residue, and

The most important step in making your ultimate man cave: have fun. If it turns into a stressful project, you’re not doing it right.

Lastly, don’t spend too much time in your man cave. It should be your own personal refuge, but don’t use it as a hideout to escape other responsibilities. Otherwise, your man cave will be rightfully banished and turned into a “She Shed.”

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