Learn about our Credit Enhancement Program

Learn about our Credit Enhancement Program

Learn about our Credit Enhancement Program

For many with credit issues, the dream of homeownership may seem unobtainable. But with dedication and counseling from our Credit Enhancement Specialists, becoming a homeowner could be a reality. 

Our credit enhancement program is designed to educate and inform customers about their credit and credit scores in order to take advantage of the most beneficial mortgage product. So far, we've helped over 5,000 clients achieve homeownership through our program! 

Even with decent credit, there are several reasons to improve your score through the program, including:

  • Qualifying for more loan options
  • Achieve lower interest rates 
  • Increase in buying power 

Through our Credit Enhancement Program, our credit enhancement specialists will provide:

  • Analysis of credit file and credit score
  • Specific instructions of actions required to maximize credit rating
  • Advise applicants on credit disputes and negotiations with credit repositories
  • Updates with credit repositories including supporting documentation
  • Assistance with establishing new credit
  • Accelerated credit re-scores

Interested in learning more about the program? Contact your local loan officer to get started! 

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